A travel grant is available for students wishing to visit Poland in connection with their current or planned future studies.

The grant of up to £600 will be made to students who can demonstrate the relevance of Poland to their studies and/or planned academic careers, and can explain how their work will benefit from a short visit to the country.

This grant is made possible by the Polish Studies Foundation as part of its mission to promote the study of Poland internationally.


  • Applications are invited from current undergraduate and postgraduate students of any UK university
  • Students must be able to demonstrate the relevance of Poland to their current studies and/or planned future studies or academic careers
  • Preference in making awards may be shown to applicants who have never visited Poland before

How to apply

  • Applications will be considered at any time of the academic year
  • Applicants should submit their CV together with a one-page application statement setting out:
    • Where in Poland they intend to visit and when
    • How Poland relates to their studies and what benefit they expect to derive from their visit

Assessment and awards procedure

  • Applications are assessed on a rolling basis. It may take up to six weeks to assess an application.
  • Successful applicants will be contacted by email and asked to supply their bank details in order for funds to be transferred to their account.
  • On completing their visit, awardees are also requested to submit a 500 word report to the trustees of the Polish Studies Foundation.

Please email all applications and enquiries to: info@polish-studies.org