For a country that has played a major role in shaping the modern world, Poland attracts surprisingly little scholarly interest abroad. The country of Copernicus, Chopin and Marie Curie, tends to be studied (when it is studied) within the context of university Slavonic departments, that are usually dominated by scholars of Russia. Like many minority subjects, Polish Studies are not strong enough to possess established chairs and functioning university departments; at present no university in the United States or the United Kingdom has a Chair of Polish Studies.

The mission of the Polish Studies Foundation is to try and elevate the study of Poland in line with other major European countries. This means, in the short-term, raising funds to support research, publications, teaching and student exchanges, all with a view to creating a permanent infrastructure for Polish Studies in the long-term.

The Project on Poland Past and Present is the overall initiative through which the Foundation will pursue these aims. Explore this website for information on the various strands of the PPPP.

Our founder and inspiration is the eminent historian Prof Norman Davies, who has done more than any other non-Pole to promote a greater understanding of this fascinating, vibrant nation to an English speaking audience, whose impressions have otherwise tended to be coloured by bleak associations with WWII and the Cold War.